Last updated: 20/09/2017
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Yachts are becoming increasingly complex in terms of the IT systems and infrastructure installed on board. VSat, Wifi, 3G, email servers, file servers and movies-on-demand are but a few of the more common place systems found on today’s vessels.

The growth in IT development is creating a need for some yachts to have an onboard dedicated IT resource, although, in a number of cases, this is simply not space or cost effective. For yachts with onboard IT crew, non-technical owners and Captains face the all too familiar problem of how to manage and motivate their technical crew whilst protecting themselves in the event that crewmember decides to leave.

With the growth in reliable Internet connectivity onboard, remote support via the Internet is now a real option. Remote support enables us to support you, reducing the need for IT crew, wherever you are, providing there is an Internet connection. Sometimes though, face-to-face support is still required and naturally we are more than happy to provide this.

THiNX IT Solutions has developed a range of IT services and solutions, specifically for the yacht industry. Our aim is to deliver a high quality portfolio of IT solutions and services enabling yacht owners and captains to get the most out of their current and future IT systems whilst they concentrate on running and enjoying the yachts.

THiNX clients benefit from:

  • * One named point of contact for all IT requirements
  • * Shore based and onboard support and management
  • * Access to highly qualified IT specialists
  • * Pro-active, strategic management of your requirements
  • * Tailored selection of services from our menu to match your unique requirements
  • * Fixed monthly support fees (or by the hour if you prefer)

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and advice, which means we will never make unnecessary recommendations.