Last updated: 20/09/2017
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Shore based Network and computer support via remote access over the Internet.  This naturally requires an Internet connection.  After an initial site visit, we will prepare a proposal for a monthly support fee, based on the systems onboard and the level of support needed.  Our rates are by the hour, billed in 15min intervals plus any applicable travel and subsistence costs.  Our monthly support deals are offered at a reduced hourly rate. Some Captains and owners prefer the fixed monthly deal as aids easier budgeting

As part of the service we will look after your software licensing requirements and obligations, advise you on new hardware purchases, warranty issues as well as offer technical support via email and telephone on day-to-day operations.

Looking to refit your boat?  Maybe you’re involved in a new build?  We offer consultancy on networking and information technology.  Whether or not you choose to have us install the kit, we offer personal, friendly, impartial advice.  We believe that the best systems are kept as simple as possible whilst still offering the flexibility required