Last updated: 20/09/2017
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internet services

THiNX offer a range of services, according to client's requirements and requests. They are all based on the THiNX approach of first understanding a client's business in order to advise on which services, if any, might be of value.


THiNX provide advice to SMEs on how the internet and IT systems can benefit an organisation. Using knowledge of both tried and tested systems, as well as the latest technologies, THiNX can propose workable, value-for-money solutions. THiNX need not be your chosen supplier for system implementation.

domain name registration:

Thinking of getting one or more domain names for your organisation? THiNX can arrange domain name registration and name serving. This is usually part of web design and hosting, but we can happily provide registration and parking services (giving you a personal holding page) for your domain until you work out what you want to do with it.

You will not be tied to using THiNX services thereafter should you choose to go with a different provider, although of course we hope you will choose to use our design and hosting services.

web design & construction:

Whether you are thinking of a simple informative web site, or an involved interactive channel for your customers to communicate with you, and you with them, THiNX design and construct web sites that your customers will find useable and interesting. We place great importance on understanding your target audiences expectations of your web site, so that they will enjoy visiting your site and return, whether for information or for online shopping.

web hosting & e-mail services:

THiNX provide a full range of UK based web hosting solutions including:

  • web sites¬†
  • databases¬†
  • e-commerce¬†

Our e-mail services include:

  • IMAP/POP3 e-mail accounts (allowing you to collect e-mails through familiar applications such as MS Outlook, Outlook express and Eudora)
  • e-mail forwarding, both individual and catch all (so e-mails addressed to are forwarded to an individual existing account or can be all forwarded to a specified account)
  • Web-based e-mail customised to your requirements allowing you or your staff to keep in touch while on the move or away from the office (similar in use to a Hotmail or Yahoo! e-mail account)
  • MS Exchange(tm) mailboxes with Outlook Web Access

site maintenance, modifications & upgrades

As sites evolve and time passes the content needs to be renewed. This may range from simple prices changes to whole new sections for a new service or product. In order to retain a high quality online presence once the design and development has been completed, it is important that information on a website is kept current.

THiNX can provide updates or enhancements either on a regular or ad hoc basis.

Some clients opt for a web site that they themselves can modify. THiNX is happy to design and construct such sites and provide training to allow the client to do this. THiNX can still be called upon to assist with modifications if required.

internet and web-based technologies

There are certain tasks that clients require or request which require the design of bespoke applications that utilize the internet network and web interfaces. THiNX can provide design, construction or consultation on existing products to implement solutions in such situations.

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