Last updated: 20/09/2017
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about us

a simple aim:

To assist small & medium size businesses use the web and internet to do business better.

broad coverage:

The internet can be a great tool and channel to help you grow your business, improve efficiency, and improve on service and performance.

The Internet can provide new ways for you to:

  • reach new customers
  • communicate with existing customers
  • keep staff communicating efficiently with each other, and have access to the latest information
  • source and work with new suppliers and vendors
  • market and sell goods and services

the THiNX approach:

Our approach, is to first and foremost understand your business. By understanding what you do, how you do it, who your customers are, who you'd like them to be, and how you communicate with them, we can begin to suggest ways in which you may be able to use the internet to do things better.

experience & plain talking:

THiNX combine knowledge and experience of both technology, business and yachting to provide you with understandable and workable solutions at affordable prices. Our diversity and approachability ensure you are not left baffled by technological speak.